All the equipment shown below can be used together with the PROMICOL® Microbial ATP Detection Kits.


The PROMILITE® M1 is a compact and automated instrument ideal for performing 10-50 tests per day.

The instrument is a specially designed PC-controlled tube luminometer that is based on measuring 10 cuvettes with a maximum of 4 injectors. The instrument uses a highly sensitive, low noise, single photon counting photomultiplier.
Number of injectors and necessity of the shaker is depending on your application. All units can be equipped with a mounted screen/computer unit or an external computer

The instrument has specifically designed software Photonix®, which is independent of any platform or third party OS. This reduces software incompatibility and makes the total system reliable and independent.


The PROMILITE® M4A is a compact and automated instrument ideal for performing any number of tests.

The instrument is highly sensitive, has two or three injectors and is operated by dedicated PROSCREEN® software. Up to 96 samples in microplate format are processed in a single run within minutes. Simply insert the microplate, press run and walk away.

The reagent additions and data analysis are completely automated. Further automation can be achieved by integrating the PROMILITE®
M4A with the PROMICOL’s robotic sampling system.

Modular Robotic System

The PROMICOL®  robotic system offers a turn key solution to your sample management requirements.

The robotic system provides automated data capture from production line to point of analysis. Integrated scanning devices (barcode) enable accurate automatic sampling from a variety of product package types.

The robotic sampler achieves high sample throughput with minimal labour requirements. The complete sampling data is automatically transferred to the PROSCREEN software for immediate analysis on a PROMILITE® M4A.


The PROMITEC® 10 is a compact and automated instrument for performing single tests. With the onboard screen you will not need an additional computer to operate the PROMITEC® 10. Like all our instruments the PROMITEC® 10 uses a highly sensitive, low noise, single photon counting photomultiplier with user-friendly software that can be linked to a computer if needed. The compact size makes it possible to assist smaller labs with the latest in sterility testing.


PROSCREEN® is PROMICOL’s proprietary software to control the PROMILITE® M4A.

PROSCREEN® Cosmetic is designed  to address specific needs of the Cosmetics and Toiletries industry. The unique broth calibration procedure is used to minimise the effect of batch to batch variation in broths that are used to enrich the samples.

PROSCREEN® has been designed with security in mind providing seperate administrator and user functions.  The easy to use software allows clear sample identification and audit trail. The state-of-the-art database provides fast and simple data retrieval and direct export to spreadsheets. Automatic back-up and archive features protect the database.