One of the key benefits of the direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) is that they do not require routine laboratory monitoring. Nevertheless, assessment of DOAC exposure and anticoagulant effects may become useful in various clinical scenarios. The four approved DOACs – Apixaban, Dabigatran etexilate, Adoxaban and Rivaroxaban – have different characteristics impacting assay selection and the interpretation of results.
The current technology in blood testing can not detect the efficacy of DOAC on the coagulation in “real-time”.

At PROMICOL we are focussed on giving back certainty to high-risk patients regarding their [medical and pharmaceutical] requirements.


SANYGO®BVT1 is a rapid blood vitality test which makes it possible, in conjunction with our SANYTEC®10 ANALYZER, to measure in “real-time” the vitality of platelets to give the exact blood coagulation levels for you and your physician.

The SANYGO®BVT1 rapid test for blood vitality is like the PRENOVA®TCT3 test based on our proprietary core technology with an innovative and unique technological enhancement. The innovation lays in the ability of the SANYGO®BVT1 assay to enable you to measure the vitality of blood platelets “real-time”.

Advantages Sanygo®BVT1

This platform provides:

  • Quantification of anti-phospholipid antibodies
  • Quantification of anti-coagulation factorantibodies
  • Monitoring of P2Y12 and COX-1 inhibitors.


The major advantages of the Sanygo®BVT1 are that the testing time for blood collection to result takes no longer than 5 minutes. The system’s proprietary technology makes it possible to measure in whole blood. The test can be performed with (citrate) anticoagulant blood as well as with fresh anticoagulant-free blood.

Applications Sanygo®BVT1

The Sanygo®BVT1 has various applications:

  • It can be used for DOAC measurement for pre-surgery screening or for in traumapatients.
  • The diagnosis of anti-phospholipid antibodies can be established.
  • Near patient testing or self-monitoring of anticoagulant measurement to tailor the treatment dose of patients on atrial fibrillation, venous thrombosis, hip or knee replacement, and to assist medical doctors in adequate transcription of treatment dose.
  • Testing of antiplatelet agents near the patient to adjust the treatment dose of patients with stent grafts after ischemic arterial disease.

The Sanygo®BVT1 can be used for Heparin testing

  • Self-monitoring Heparin testing in Haemodialysis patients.
  • Patient in Cardiovascularand vascular surgery, in Cardiac catheterization clinics, and in Critical care units.
  • Patients undergoing open heart surgery (ECMO) and inpatients undergoing hip or knee replacement therapy.

In addition, the test can be used by ambulance in emergency situations: quick measurement of patients with acute stroke to give a safe dose of fibrinolytics to dissolve occluding clots, without inducing severe bleeding complications. The test is also applicable for the early detection of patients with severe dengue.


Benchtop point-of-care analyzer

The SANYGO®BVT1 rapid test system comes along with a proprietary point-of-care device the SANYTEC®10. This point-of-care device is a benchtop analyzer that analyzes the amount of light emitted during the bioluminescence reaction in a single cuvette.

Sanytec®10 key features:

  • Fully automated analysis
  • Small sample size
  • Fast sample processing time
  • Small footprint
  • User-friendly

Established technology

Real-time measurement

Small sample volume

75 μL sample volume/test

RT or 37ºC

Ease of use

Results can be viewed easily on the screen or exported for off-line analysis