Food Safety is important for Everyone

By offering a rapid microbial ATP detection method, we aim to prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks, contributing to food security in order to minimize the number of people getting sick due to unsafe food while providing huge financial benefits ...for the producer of safe food.

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Specialized for many years

We at Promicol are specialized in developing and manufacturing rapid ATP microbial testing for a large variety of products.

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Service adapted to the needs

It is our goal to provide a service that is in touch with the needs of your quality management and adapts to your demands from rapidly changing markets, making ATP work for you, together with you. If you want to discuss the best strategy for your company, just... get in touch and we are convinced to offer a suitable solution to you.

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Have a milky day

We developed a Detection Kit for Dairy UHT and ESL Products that is specifically designed to detect microbial ATP in a range of dairy products such as UHT milks, ESL milks and microfiltrated ESL milks.

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Did you know

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Focus on innovation

Many international and small companies are already using our reliable method for testing microbial ATP content.

While other manufacturers are still waiting for the results of traditional microbiology, the Promicol system is already giving our customers the ...results and the decision on product release can be made. In this way, both costs and time-to-market are significantly reduced.

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Customer relation and customer satisfaction

We value a long-term relationship with our customers. Customer relationship and customer satisfaction are keywords within our mission. We believe that a close relationship with our customers can result in perfect customer solutions. Together we a long-lasting relationship which is essential to build trust, exchange expertise and increase innovation.

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Attention wine lovers!

Together we raise our glass with our favorite wine!

Promicol provides a method to test your high-quality wine for absence of all microorganisms and/or yeasts and/or lactic acid bacteria 24 hours after production.
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Fitting solutions for demanding needs

Promicol offers solutions whether you need a low, medium, or high sample throughput. Our different systems are optimized to challenge the number of tests needed.

Promilite M1® is specially developed for testing up to 50 samples per day.
... Promilite M4A® is designed for more than 50 samples per day, to decrease the ‘total time of testing’.
We provide the possibility of automatization. The tailored robotic systems are based on the Promilite M4A® and enable testing of up to 400 samples per hour.

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